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The area around the picturesque town of Lubniewice is blessed with huge numbers of birds and among them some of the rarest birds in Europe. Some of the many birds spotted by us on a fairly regular basis in this part of Lubuskie in western Poland include: Black Stork, White Stork, Corncrake, Short-eared Owl, Little Owl, Hoopoe, Grey Partridge, Common Quail, Spotted Crake, Common Crane, Great Snipe, Whiskered Tern, White-winged Tern, Crested Lark, Tawny Pipit, White-backed Woodpecker, Wryneck, Barred Warbler, Wood Warbler, Flycatcher, Great Grey Shrike, Red-Backed Shrike, Hooded Crow, Common Raven, European Serin, Common Rosefinch, Yellowhammer, Corn Bunting, Nightingale, Aquatic Warbler, Great Reed Warbler, Black Kite, Red Kite, Montague's Harrier, Eagle Owl, Short-toed Eagle, Lesser-spotted Eagle, Spotted Eagle, and White-tailed Eagle.


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Lubniewice - a veritable birdwatching and birdwatchers paradise.

Birdwatching in western Poland

Koenigswalde 1899-1945 | Lubniewice 1945-1990 | Present-day Lubniewice 





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